Hortau' Complete Service

Gallery Hortau' Complete Service 1
Gallery Hortau' Complete Service 1
January 2021
Headquarters Saint-Nicolas, QC G7A, Canada

Hortau' Complete Service - A precision irrigation management system that enables farmers to grow high yields of better quality and decrease environmental impacts of irrigation

With Hortau's system, growers are able to anticipate possible plant stress environments by tracking soil tension in real-time and take corrective irrigation measures before stress arises and impacts crop health and growth. Hortau’s smart irrigation systems and personalized agricultural expertise help farmers to improve agricultural yields and quality using fewer resources and reducing production costs.

As global demand for food grows and accessible freshwater resources continue to shrink, the world’s agriculture industry faces a huge challenge. It must produce more food with fewer resources. Traditional irrigation farming practices are leading to resource degradation and subsequent decline in crop yields. In the present world environmental context, it is imperative that growers find a way to enhance their present irrigation practices to improve agricultural productivity while conserving and enhancing natural resources. Precision irrigation management, such as Hortau’s, is key in providing the sustainable solution growers require. Hortau's soil tension technology allows growers to know exactly when, where and how long to water crops, resulting in greater water, energy and labour cost efficiencies. Hortau's solution makes farming practices more accurate; an important step towards sustainable agriculture.

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Key features

  • In field tomatoes production, at -30kPa irrigation threshold, yield went up to 25% higher using our solution compared to using water content technology
  • In cranberries, water use efficiency increased between 21-92%, whereas yield improved between 12-100%


  • In cranberries production, irrigation costs consist of energy (diesel) and manpower savings - For an average summer, the savings associated with reduced diesel fuel consumption amounted to $90.41 acre and the savings for manpower was $54.22 acre
  • In cranberry production, in most scenarios (wet vs dry summer, large vs small operation), payback can be obtained in less than a year.
  • In strawberries: yield increase of 6-41%, water use efficiency increase of 7-93%
  • In potatoes : Yield increase of 12-40% and water savings of 43%

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North america

United States, Canada,

South america


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