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Heat recovery system for refrigeration equipment

A module to recover all waste heat from cooling systems to heat water to 55°C or more, cost-free.

An innovation for the food industry that makes heat recovery profitable even for small and medium-sized cooling systems.

The heat recovery system can heat sanitary hot water or water for heating applications at no additional cost by recycling waste heat from refrigeration systems. It aims to reduce energy consumption in the food sector, including production, retail and restaurants. Indeed, the developers believe that a regular fast-food restaurant heating 1000 litres of water a day can reduce their CO2 emissions and energy use for this purpose by three-quarters. The system’s particular innovation is to recover all of the latent heat of condensation and desuperheating, yielding 5 to 7 times more water heater than conventional superheaters.

Key features for a positive impact on quality of life

  • Recovers all the heat otherwise rejected by the condenser in the environment. Detects refrigerant leaks in the cooling system
  • Pre-heats the water at a minimum temperature of 55°C, regardless of ambient temperature.
  • Improves the efficiency of the cooling system in hot climates.
  • Improves hot water availability


  • Reduces the energy used to heat water and the carbon footprint by at least 75%
  • Return on investment in less than 3 years


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