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Autonomous data collection and analytics solution to identify defects on buildings’ exterior façade

The main objective is to automate the entire data collection and data analysis process associated with high-rise building façade inspection, whilst also removing the need for heavy equipment.

With a drone, a pilot, and a proprietary AI-Engine, H3Zoom.Ai is able to collect thousands of high-quality images of building façades, carry out image processing algorithms, identify defects on façade surfaces, and present the data insights in 2D and 3D models of the inspected buildings. The pilot is assisted by the proprietary Flight Path Optimization Algorithm. This solution will ultimately facilitate maintenance of large real estate portfolios, by reducing the duration and cost of current facade inspection process, removing the need for heavy and high-carbon emitting machinery, reducing risk to workers and reducing inaccuracies associated with human assessment.

Key features for a positive impact on quality of life

  • AI-enabled visual analytics digital service on Cloud
  • Designed closely with and for Singapore leading FMC
  • Doesn't use fuel-based heavy equipment
  • Reduces to zero the use of non-renewable resources in building inspections, reduces to zero the risks related to workers operating at height
  • Helps identify energy losses


  • Savings of about 75% compared to the costs of regular building façade inspection. indirect savings related to the maintenance of heavy inspection equipment


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Solutions helps to achieve these SDG's.

  • Sustainable cities and communities

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Facilities Managers seeking to automate the façade inspection process. Inspection companies and drone operators looking to offer a innovative solution.

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