Gallery H2RENEW™  1
Gallery H2RENEW™  1
July 2021
Headquarters Hartford, CT 06108, USA

H2RENEW™ - A solid state electrochemical device which separates and compresses H2 for industrial recycling, energy storage and fueling applications

Hydrogen is used as a process atmosphere in many industries, most notably metal treating, powder metallurgy, glassmaking, and semiconductor manufacturing. It is typically vented during these processes in the same stream as other waste gas components. To date, the waste hydrogen gas has typically not been recovered for reuse. H2RENEW™ Electrochemical Hydrogen Separation and Compression are clean technologies developed by SKYRE to tackle this challenge. SKYRE's builds and sells two products. One captures and recycles hydrogen from waste industrial streams. The other captures and converts carbon dioxide into useful fuels and chemicals. Both deliver up to a 50% cost advantage and a 50% reduction in emission of greenhouse gases over competitive methods and products.

Key features

  • Capacities from 1,000 kg-h2/day to 10,000 kg-h2/day
  • Better resource management by recycling hydrogen that is vented and wasted (+85%) through industrial processes
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50% vs. current methods/products


  • H2R-100: 2 year payback
  • H2RENEW: 50% cost savings versus mainstream alternatives
  • Readily available hydrogen made onsite can significantly increase a customer's production capacity

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