Gallery Gigrow 1
Gallery Gigrow 1
January 2021
By Gigrow
Headquarters Candiac, QC J5R 6X2, Canada

Gigrow - Scalable, intelligent and flexible process for sustainable agriculture

Gigrow is a vertical farming solution that uses just in time and AI to deliver what the plant need. The process can track what is given to the plant instantly providing traceability through the production process. It also is adaptable, changing from crop to crop within minutes, always giving laboratory precision in industrial scale

Gigrow aims at solving a problem of quality, logistics, production, and environmental impact of agriculture. It reduces to the minimum the consumption of soil, water, the energy needed to provide a reliable source of vegetable locally grown, scalable, everywhere. The solution consists of a rotating system for plants, giving better climate control, more lighting optimization. The liquid is injected through a patented injection system giving high precision water feeding. The process is designed to be intelligent, yet flexible, through AI and other systems, it adapts to the environment to leverage local realities to reduce cost and increase productivity to get a reliable quality product. For example, energy used for a plant is used for dehumidification, but also can heat greenhouse or building at night or in winter, using multiple times the same energy. It can also adapt its growing cycle to minimize energy consumption or take more energy during peak. All with ease. The system has been tested for 2 years with independent studies and government of Canada prooving more than 100 types of plant and vegetable can grow in the system

Key features

  • 10x to 200x more products per sqft
  • Can grow in soil without re circulation of liquid
  • Less than 12L for 1kg of fully grown lettuce; Compare to more than 200L in a field.
  • 1 to 5T of CO2 emission reduction.


  • Very low operational cost
  • Constant and reliable production

Activity Region

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Italy, France, Spain,

North america

United States, Canada,

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