Flowplan Water Management

Gallery Flowplan Water Management 1
Gallery Flowplan Water Management 1
June 2020
Headquarters 2650 Hvidovre, Denmark

Flowplan Water Management - An iot solution for water management reducing overconsumption and waste of water filters

This solution aims to analyze the amount of water used by industrial machines such as coffee machines, washing machines and dishwashers.

Machines relying on water use are equipped with a water filter the prevents scale deposits. These water filters are usually made of plastic and designed for single-time use. The existing option that customers have to assess the filter's remaining capacity is to check it manually. This is usually not done correctly and customers often discard their filters when they haven't been used to full-capacity. This results in unnecessary plastic waste; an estimated amount of 60.000 tons of resin (polymer) in Europe, based on an average size of 5kg per filter, utilized 75% instead of 95%, changed twice a year. The Flowplan Solution tackles this issue by offering a complete IoT solution for remotely monitoring water consumption and predicting filter changes, ensuring no filters are changed too soon or too late.

Key features

  • Estimating an average size of 5kg per filter and two changes per year, and an increased utilization from 75% to 95%, results in a yearly saving of 60.000 tons of resin (polymer) in Europe


  • A 25% optimization in costs is expected
  • The payback time is reached within 3 to 12 months

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