Fallow weed detection

Gallery Fallow weed detection 1
Gallery Fallow weed detection 1
January 2021
By InFarm
Headquarters Wyaga QLD 4390, Australia

Fallow weed detection - A drone to tractor weed detection system that allows farmers to spray exactly where the weeds are, saving up to 97.5% of fallow weed herbicide used

Farmers are wasting herbicide by spraying areas of the paddock that don't need it. It is not only expensive for farmers, but also pollutes the soils, waterways and in some cases can affect human health. The solution is a fallow weed detection platform that allows farmers to target weeds using their existing machinery. This reduces chemical use by up to 97.5% and turns their existing machinery into a weed targeting platform. The solution uses aerial imagery (drone or plane), to identify and locate weeds. From there a tractor ready file is generated and given to the farmers. This file helps control the nozzles, turning them on if there are weeds and off if there are no weeds. This platform has helped a farmer save over $14,000 in chemical costs on a 700ha paddock.

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Key features

  • InFarm taps into this existing technology to target herbicide application.
  • Data is delivered to farmers overnight and is compatible with their existing spraying machines.
  • 6TB of data are obtained per day in InFarm's data acquisition phase.
  • Up to 97.5% reduction in Herbicide use in broad acre farms.
  • InFarm's fallow weed solution directly decreases the amount of chemical used on-farm.


  • No CAPEX required for farmers, immediate pay back for below 30% weed coverage in the paddock.
  • Up to 97.5% chemical saving can be up to a $250,000 per year saving for farmers.

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