Gallery Evanesto 1
Gallery Evanesto 1
January 2021
Headquarters 63200 Riom, France

Evanesto - An additive speeding up the natural biodegradation and making plastics composable

Evanesto® is an additive that speeds-up the biodegradation and compostability of PLA-based plastics. This additive, based on an enzyme, accelerates the depolymerization of PLA to achieve Home Compost certification. Used as a masterbatch, it requires no changes in industrial transforming processes. With Evanesto® inside, PLA-based plastics become universally compostable both in industrial and domestic conditions. Thanks to Evanesto®, plastics that are too thin, soiled or made from multi-materials can be composted whereas they couldn’t be recycled today. The additive can help tackle plastic pollution and change consumers behaviours regarding plastic and the sorting of wastes. It is a turnkey solution that targets millions of tons of plastic wastes that are incinerated or landfilled today, creating major pollution issues the solution aims to tackle thanks to composting, a complementary solution to reuse or recycling of plastics.

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Key features

  • 1 ton of Evanesto® = 20 tons less of plastic waste
  • In less than 200 days, PLA-based plastics will be fully composted
  • In less than 200 days, PLA articles will be fully composted without any microparticules nor ecotoxicity
  • Longitudinal strength improved by 2 compared to polystyrene materials


  • Reduction of the plastic landfill by 30% by 2024
  • Price increase of the overall packaging cost would be limited to 1 to 3% maximum and will be compensated by the final cost in the end of life (incineration or industrial composting)

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