EMMA 1.0

Gallery EMMA 1.0 1
Gallery EMMA 1.0 1
July 2019
Headquarters 1015 Lausanne, Switzerland

EMMA 1.0 - Ageing-aware energy management software for li-ion batteries

EMMA 1.0 is an energy management software that mitigates the ageing of lithium-ion energy storage (BES) systems while maximizing their usage.

There is a large increase expected in the integration of BES systems in stationary installations from a renewable source of energy (i.e. solar, wind). With this in mind, batteries inevitably degrade overtime due to chemical processes taking place even when not in operation. With the deployment EMMA 1.0 in installations, ranging from households to utility-scale installations, there are several advantages. Mainly, the software can slow down the ageing of the battery by up to 40% and conversely, extend its lifetime (in years) by up to 30%. Other key advantages include its ability to increase self-consumption of renewable energy by up to 35% and to reduce peak power consumption by up to 30%. EMMA 1.0 integrates deep electrochemical knowledge of li-ion BES systems, power grid constraints, and machine learning forecast techniques in order to maximize battery usage while integrating ageing mitigation strategies.

Key features

  • Reduces the CO2 footprint of the battery by up to 20%.
  • Software for multiple applications.


  • Reduces investment costs by up to 30%.

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