October 2020
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ECOSHEET-PRO - Taking low-grade mixed plastic waste and converting it directly into a high-performance and cost-effective alternative to plywood

ECOSHEET-PRO is an eco-innovative and cost-effective alternative to plywood made from mixed plastic waste obtained by a special customized extrusion technology based on co-rotating extruders. The main scope of ECOSHEET-PRO project and technology is to tackle two significant environmental challenges.

The first issue is that of mixed plastic waste. According to Plastics Europe, in 2018, 19.6 million tons of post-consumer waste plastics were landfilled or incinerated, as they could not be easily collected, separated and recycled. The second issue is the substitution of plywood, a key high volume commodity in construction industry formworks that is generating a very negative deforestation effect. To tackle these challenges, ECOSHEET-PRO’s extrusion lines transform mixed plastic into a competitive, reusable, plywood replacement, cutting down global demand for plywood and contributing to a substantial reduction in deforestation and biodiversity loss.

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Key features

  • Usually a plywood sheet can be used 2 times, while ECOSHEET-PRO life cycle is up to 10 times, providing a strong valuable economical aspect to potential customers as unit cost is very similar at 28-29 € each
  • Provides a use for low-grade waste plastic that would otherwise either end up in landfill or being incinerate
  • Replaces plywood which is a major source of global deforestation
  • Longer life than plywood, thereby reducing overall consumption


  • ECOSHEET-PRO is the same initial cost as plywood but lasts up to 10 times longer, taking up to 80% cost saving reductions to users
  • Pay back period estimate for investing in such technology is around 2 years

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