Ecoboard - made from coconut waste

Gallery Ecoboard - made from coconut waste 1
Gallery Ecoboard - made from coconut waste 1
April 2021
By Ecovon
Headquarters 20 Patrice Lumumba St, Accra, Ghana

Ecoboard - made from coconut waste - A biodegradable building and packaging materials from coconut waste

The rate of deforestation in Ghana is estimated to be one of the highest in the world after Togo and Nigeria, at an estimated annual rate of 2%, equivalent to 135,000 hectares per annum. In the green building industry there is currently no bio-based paneling board made from 100% natural bio based fibers without added resin (glues), let alone a 100% natural flame retardant panel. The solution Ecoboard is developing sustainably sourced, newly engineered wood made from coconut husk and sugar cane bagasse, supplying the global market with a formaldehyde-free bio-based wood alternative that are better for people and planet. The solution will bring the first non-additive, bio-based, renewable wood product to market which is naturally flame retardant and anti-fungal without added binders (glues). The physical properties are better than comparable engineered woods on the market currently, all which use additives and heavy chemicals to reach additional flame retardant properties while reducing our CO2 footprint, deforestation and enriching the lives of locals in coconut and sugarcane producing developing countries such as Ghana

Key features

  • One unit of coir ply would be able to save about 6,600 trees per year will save 1100 tons of CO2 emissions
  • 10 % of coir fibre used in manufacturing activities saves about 1,466,667 tons of CO2 emissions
  • One unit of coir ply with a production capacity of 40 cubic metres will save 1100 tons of CO2 emissions
  • Coconut husk and sugarcane bagasse recycling saves 2.5 kg CO2/kg


  • Less than 1 year payback time
  • 30% cheaper than the mainstream alternative
  • 730-1000 dollars savings per year

Maturity Stage

  • Medium and large scale commercialization
  • Small scale commercialization
  • Initial market commercialization
  • Prototype testing in the real world
  • Prototype testing 1:1 in the lab

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