Drivy by Getaround

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Gallery Drivy by Getaround 1
July 2019

Drivy by Getaround - Carsharing platform

The Drivy by Getaround app lets car-free city-dwellers find a car around the corner, open it with their phone, and use it for a few hours to a few days to go where they need to

Drivy by Getaround is an online marketplace that matches car owners sharing their asset with drivers that need a car but do not own one. The 60,000+ car fleet is locally crowdsourced from private owners sharing their car and from professional fleet owners investing in a car sharing activity (whether original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), car rental companies, entrepreneurs...). This dense car network means there are dozens of cars available at walking distance from every point of the cities where the service is available. On the driver's side, booking a car on Drivy by Getaround is very easy: whether through the website or through the app, users can pick a car around them by selecting one on the app's map and book it for a few hours or a few days. Thanks to the Drivy Open technology, users just have to go to the car, do the check-in and open it directly with their smartphone. Once done, drivers are ready to hit the road. In the cases where the car is not equipped with Open, the keys are obtained directly from the owner at a user-designated location. There is no entry or monthly fee, meaning users only pay for the amount of time the car was used for.

Key features

  • 60 000 shared cars available across 6 countries in Europe.
  • Each shared car has the potential to replace 10 private cars.


  • Eliminates the costs associated with having a car (around 6 500 EUR per year on average).

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