Drinking Water Containerized System

Gallery Drinking Water Containerized System 1
Gallery Drinking Water Containerized System 1
March 2021
Headquarters 4475-041 Maia, Portugal

Drinking Water Containerized System - Plug-and-Play, modular, containerised treatment systems for decentralised water supply and remote places

Providing clean, affordable and sustainable water supplies remains a key challenge in many regions of the world. Cubo's Drinking Water Containerised System Solution is a plug-and-play water treatment system for off-grid water supply and remote locations. The Solution has easy transportation and installation procedures, uses simple treatment processes but with a high degree of control and automation, and has remote access capabilities. These characteristics minimise operation and maintenance operations, reducing costs. With low energy and chemical consumption, the Solution is able to produce drinking water at a low cost. As such, the Solution is aimed to enable access to safe drinking water at an affordable price to a population where this indispensable resource is not readily available, such as rural areas, remote population clusters, and decentralised water distribution systems. The system is able to treat natural sources of water (surface water and groundwater) and deliver water with World Health Organisation standards.

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Key features

  • Almost 70% CO2 reduction compared to other fixed constructed systems
  • Efficient use of water (around 99% water use efficiency)


  • Less the 2 years payback time on average
  • Up to 50% less expensive than alternative constructed systems
  • Produces water at an average cost of 0.25€/m2

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Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal,

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