Gallery DIRO 1
Gallery DIRO 1
April 2021
Headquarters 213 75 Malmö, Sverige

DIRO - A filter system that makes it possible to wash and clean completely without chemicals

The DIRO system offers a new sustainable, environmentally friendly, healthy and allergy-free way of doing surface cleaning and laundry. The filter system is installed between incoming cold water and one or several laundry machines. A tap is also installed allowing the user to tap up DIRO water on spray bottles and use it for all daily cleaning. The DIRO system can also be installed with a recirculation system for greywater from the laundry machines. By recycling the water, users can save up to 75% of the water used in laundry and at the same time remove all microplastics from the greywater. The DIRO system comes in three different sizes depending on water usage but can also be made bespoke for larger installations in laundry facilities or cleaning centrals.

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Key features

  • For every 5 kg laundry done with the DIRO system users save at least 1 kg of CO2 while renouncing chemicals
  • With a market penetration of 15% the DIRO system is estimated to save at least 29 million tonnes of CO2 every year
  • Users can use rainwater harvesting with the DIRO system - After the laundry is done, grey-water can be recycled or stored for irrigation
  • Reduced amount of chemicals and microplastics in the greywater
  • Reduced amount of chemicals in lakes streams and oceans


  • Short payback time, usually less than three years - for a hotel application, the pay back time 8 months
  • Low cost per wash and low cost of DIRO water for cleaning purposes, the filter cost is 1,5 euro per cubic meter of DIRO water
  • Healthier staff and customers due to reduced contact with chemicals

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