Gallery Daumet 1
Gallery Daumet 1
April 2020
Headquarters 75015 Paris, France

Daumet - A new generation of gold alloys for clean and sustainable aesthetic applications (luxury and jewelry).

Daumet substitutes pure gold by more resistant gold-based materials while conserving gold properties decreasing the carbon footprint of its using.

To keep rare resources for the future generations and decrease the carbon footprint of gold applications, Daumet proposes to use gold differently thanks to an innovative and patented gold alloy presenting large similarities with pure gold. Daumet mix gold with tungsten, the hardest metal and the only one presenting the same density than gold. This ultimate gold alloy has properties common to pure gold. However, it is more resistant (mechanical, temperature...), cheaper and more sustainable because tungsten is more abundant in the Earth.

Key features

  • Capable of reducing the consumption of pure gold up to 114 tons per year
  • 30% less water pollution compared to traditional gold production
  • 20% less CO2 emitted in the atmosphere
  • Helps to reduce mining waste, deforestation and the loss of biodiversity related to traditional gold production


  • Pure gold (45k€/kg) is substituted by tungsten which costs around 5€/kg

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