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Gallery CTSuite 1
November 2020
Headquarters 92120 Montrouge, France

CTSuite - The only pre-paid, smart metering solution allowing subscribers to Pay-As-They-Go for at-home water, whilst helping utilities improve their finances.

Water is ever more scarce. Climate change is impacting the water quantity and quality available to meet the basic needs of an increasingly urban humanity.

1 billion urban dwellers currently lack access to running water at home. Rapid urban growth will make this worse. In 2050, 3/5 of humans will live in cities and need access to water service at home. The task and expense of offering them reliable at-home services are formidable, and requires breakthrough financial and technical innovation. Low-income urban populations have either never been connected to water networks or are being disconnected. In addition, an estimated 50-60% of water utility subscribers cannot pay monthly bills and face disconnection for arrears. CityTaps' vision is running water in every home, with a goal to reach 3 million people by 2023. CityTaps provides the only smart Pay-As-You-Go metering solution to address a billion person market. The CTSuite solution provides a financial and technological offer which allows low income populations to pre-pay their water in micro payments and avoid disconnection. As a result, utilities no long accumulate debts from their subscribers and thus have better financial resources to sustainably serve everyone. CityTaps' solution improves the lives of both water utilities and their subscribers creating a win-win situation for everyone.

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Key features

  • Today, globally, water utilities lose approximately 50% of the water they produce
  • By reducing water loss by 15% (reduction of non-revenue water), we save 10% of water extracted from the natural resources
  • Enables utilities to treat and pump 10% less water
  • Potential to decrease energy consumption by 8% (utilities)


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South america


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