Cobratex Composite Bamboo Material

Gallery Cobratex Composite Bamboo Material 1
Gallery Cobratex Composite Bamboo Material 1
April 2021
Headquarters 31390 Carbonne, France

Cobratex Composite Bamboo Material - A unique bamboo-based product for industrial needs, providing technical advantages, CO2 capture, wastes and fuel consumption reduction

COBRATEX focuses on composite materials, which are fibrous parts, moulded with resin. Superposed layers of « reinforcements », made of fibres, yarns or fabrics, are embedded in resin. Composite manufacturing processes are widely used in all industrial sectors and enable the production of elements for Airplanes, helmets, swimming pools, tennis rackets and many more. Cobratex manufactures and sells high-performance bamboo-based reinforcements. Cobratex patented technology enables to extract bamboo fibres and assembles them to obtain a unique continuous ribbon that can be wound onto bobbins and used to make a wide range and fabrics (woven, knitted, pre-impregnated etc). Cobratex is made of renewable biobased materials, which are ultra-light and offer many technical specificities, well appreciated in final applications. Cobratex's production also stimulates bamboo culture, which is a well know own carbon sink and enables wastes and fuel consumption reduction.

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Key features

  • Density is 0.7, 4 times lighter than glass fibre and even lighter than carbon fibre
  • Damping properties Q Factor of 26, hence 3 times better than carbon fibre
  • 50% average gain in life cycle assessments and up to 10 times better for some criteria
  • -538 kg CO2 / tonne CO2 compared to mainstream alternative
  • 60t of CO2 captured per bamboo hectare, 5 times more greenhouse gases absorbed and 35% extra oxygen produced


  • 5% aircraft weight reduction, lowering by 2,5% kerosene consumption, hence $1,000,000 savings per commercial aircraft, by replacing glass fibre composites by only half
  • 4.3% motor car weight reduction, lowering fuel consumption by 2.6%, saving €580 per vehicle

Maturity Stage

  • Medium and large scale commercialization
  • Small scale commercialization
  • Initial market commercialization
  • Prototype testing in the real world
  • Prototype testing 1:1 in the lab

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