Clorador ADEC

Gallery Clorador ADEC 1
Gallery Clorador ADEC 1
March 2021
Headquarters St Paul, MN 55104, USA

Clorador ADEC - An in-line, water chlorinator that treats contaminated drinking water in rural communities

The Chlorador ADEC is an extremely effective low-tech device that can treat contaminated drinking water in rural communities in Central America. This in-line tablet feeder does not use electricity or have moving parts and is designed to be repaired by using only local materials that can be found at a local hardware store. This device has been installed in over 1,500 rural communities and over 98% of the devices are still operational after a decade of program implementation. The water chlorinator is designed around the locally-available and distributed chlorine tablet which can be accurately dosed based on the contamination load and water flow rate of the water system. Each chlorinator installation is accompanied by a chlorine dose test kit and training for the community to easily calibrate their water system.

Key features

  • Independent studies have found a 49% reduction of improved health in communities with a Chlorador ADEC implemented
  • Operates in over 1,500 rural Central American communities treating over 2 billion gallons of water each year
  • Does not use electricity to operate, leveraging gravity flow water systems, resulting in a 100% reduction of electricity as compared to alternative chlorinators
  • The Clorador ADEC's single community installation with a 10-year lifespan as compared to a household filter's 18-month life that is required to be installed in each household, demonstrates a significant reduction in waste from discarded filter products
  • Water treatment is the most economical and appropriate method to treat contaminated drinking water


  • The average cost per household to operate the Chlorador ADEC is approximately $1.83/year, significantly reducing the cost burden on the healthcare system
  • The Clorador ADEC is 10% cheaper to operate than the mainstream alternative
  • Every $1 invested into drinking water improvement yields a $4 return

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