Clearford One

Gallery Clearford One 1
Gallery Clearford One 1
December 2020
Headquarters Pune, Maharashtra 411014, India

Clearford One - A solution capable of collecting, transporting and treating all domestic wastewater in low water supply areas such as rural communities

The vast majority of villages, towns and cities in India and in many parts of the world do not have efficient wastewater collection networks or treatment plants, as the water supply is often too weak in the pipe network. Over time, this leads to congestion of the pipe networks and the failure of the infrastructure.

Clearford, has spent 25 years developing and installing its unique, proprietary sewage collection, treatment and recycling system to tackle this very issue. The Clearford One solution works on the principle of decentralized sewage collection and has three major components: underground ClearDigest Smart Digester tanks, a ClearConvey network of sealed HDPE piping and an end of the line ClearRecover Wastewater Treatment Plant (STP) dedicated to recycling as much of the water as possible improving water security. This step-by-step decentralized process offers many advantages over traditional sewerage collection and treatment systems and allows effective sewerage coverage helping achieve SDG 6.

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Key features

  • Clearford One system with a 17 KLD STP in a village of 56 Homes has a OPEX of € 0.50 / Home
  • In a small village of 1000 people getting 70 L/capita of water supply assuming 85% water captured = 59,500 L recycled daily and 2.17 Million litres recycled annually
  • 85% of wastewater recycled for reuse
  • 100% of all wastewater generated is captured via Clearford One


  • 15 - 50% cheaper CAPEX against comparable alternative
  • 30 -90% cheaper OPEX versus Mechanical SBR/MBR STP

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