Clarus Fusion

Gallery Clarus Fusion 1
Gallery Clarus Fusion 1
January 2021
Headquarters Vanrhynsdorp, 8170, South Africa

Clarus Fusion - A sustainable on-site wastewater recycling solution for people without access to a municipal sewer

This solution makes dignified sanitation possible for every individual, no matter the location. By re-using the treated effluent on site for non-potable applications (toilet flushing, irrigation, etc.), this solution can significantly reduce potable water consumption. By making use of this solution, it is possible to develop in areas where there is no infrastructure. This is a perfect solution for bringing sanitation to all schools, reducing potable water demand in the urban edge (domestic, commercial and industrial) and bringing new opportunities through the re-use of the treated effluent. This also speaks directly to Green Building, sustainable living and is the perfect answer for the "living building" model. The operating cost of this solution is much less than alternatives, which makes it one of the most affordable and most sustainable alternative water sources available today.

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Key features

  • All wastewater on site can be treated and re-used, thus a 100% reclamation of wastewater
  • Potable water demand can be reduced by up to 60% by making use of on-site treatment
  • 100% recycling of wastewater by using treated effluent for toilet flushing, irrigation or other non-potable applications
  • 90% Energy saving compared to typical package plants - The Fusion ZF4000 uses only 0.55kW per kl to treat domestic strength wastewater
  • 100% reduction in pollution of natural water sources - by treating wastewater on-site, including proper disinfection, ground water and surface water is no longer contaminated with sewage or other forms of wastewater


  • Up to 60% saving in purchase of potable water
  • Running cost as low as R2.50 per kl. - significantly lower than the price of municipal water
  • The saving in the purchase of potable water pays for the cost of this solution - Over time the owner will be cash flow positive by making use of this method of water saving

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