ChroRePro: Chromium Recovery Process

Gallery ChroRePro: Chromium Recovery Process 1
Gallery ChroRePro: Chromium Recovery Process 1
February 2021
Headquarters 20040 Cambiago, Metropolitan City of Milan, Italy

ChroRePro: Chromium Recovery Process - Separation and recovery of chromium from plating industry wastewaters

Circular Materials was funded in April 2019 to solve the challenges related to the removal and recovery of heavy metals from industrial wastewaters. Currently, only 5% of the heavy metals from spent baths in the galvanic and plating industry are recycled: the rest is converted to toxic sludges and sent to landfill as special waste, steeply increasing the treatment cost. They have patented a technology where we recover in the form of powders the 99% of heavy metals present in industrial wastewaters, by means of a sustainable and environmentally friendly precipitation process in supercritical water. The process does not produce any toxic sludge, it recovers valuable metals to be reintroduced in the industrial process or sold as secondary raw materials.

Key features

  • Supercritical water process at T > 374 °C and P > 221 bar
  • 1 R&D Plant @20L/h, 1 prototype at 100L/h, 1 plant being designed at 300L/h
  • 60% of primary energy reduction
  • 99% of heavy metals recovered as compared to 5% recovery rate for chemical precipitation
  • No production of toxic sludges


  • 50% reduction in treatment costs
  • Rental fees as compared to heavy CAPEX investments
  • Direct raw material recovery in the production process

Activity Region

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Italy, Germany,

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