Carbon Fibre Aerogel (CFA)

Gallery Carbon Fibre Aerogel (CFA) 1
Gallery Carbon Fibre Aerogel (CFA) 1
July 2020
Headquarters 80 Jellicoe Rd, Singapore 208766

Carbon Fibre Aerogel (CFA) - A technology for the recollection and monitoring of organic components from wastewater

Addressing the challenge of costly and inefficient wastewater treatment technologies, this solution proposed to use Carbon Fibre Aerogel (CFA) to remove and recover valuable organics from wastewater.

CFA is a super-absorbent sponge material which can be used as an attractive alternative to existing absorbent materials. Unique from conventional organic absorbents, CFA allows for the recovery of absorbed organics through mechanical squeezing or distillation allowing it to be reused for multiple absorption cycles. Its re-usability and ultra-high efficiency ( up to 190 times its own weight) lead to a lower cost-in-use for the removal and recuperation of organic material from an aqueous environment. CFA is produced from biomass waste and the production process uses by-products to supplement its energy consumption. These features offer waste recovery opportunities that provide significant environmental benefits.

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Key features

  • Capable of treating and recovering absorbed organics from wastewater without generating additional waste.
  • CFA is made from waste carton/paper or renewable biomass
  • The process used to produce CFA utilizes by-products as energy sources making the entire life cycle of the material environmentally friendly
  • CFA can be re-used for multiple absorption cycles unlike traditional absorbent material


  • 2x-20x lower cost-in-use vs. current in-use waste handling
  • Valorisation/re-use of recovered products
  • Re-use of wastewater

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