BrainBox AI

Gallery BrainBox AI 1
Gallery BrainBox AI 1
April 2021
Headquarters Montreal, QC H3A 2M3, Canada

BrainBox AI - Self-adapting autonomous AI technology to optimize the energy consumption of one of the largest climate change contributors: Buildings

Energy agencies around the globe have concluded that residential and commercial buildings on average represent 40% of the total energy consumed. Studies have shown that on average, HVAC represents 45% of a commercial building’s total annual energy consumption, and that typically 30% of that energy is in fact, wasted. BrainBox AI's solution is at the forefront of the green building revolution with its unique technology combining artificial intelligence and cloud computing to create the world’s first fully autonomous commercial HVAC solution.  The overlays deep learning-driven algorithms on existing HVAC functionality to automate the modulation of each component, reducing a building’s total energy spend by up to 25% while improving occupant comfort by 60%. The solution creates a 20-40% decrease in carbon footprint. The solution leverages AI to predict building energy consumption at a very granular level and enables our autonomous HVAC system to operate the building pre-emptively versus the current reactive approach of existing HVAC control systems.  This shift from reactive to pre-emptive HVAC system management is applied individually to each of the building’s distinct zones, allowing for a very granular control of the system

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Key features

  • Up to 25% total energy cost savings
  • 50% improvement in HVAC related operation and maintenance costs
  • 20-40% reduction in building’s carbon footprint
  • Reduce a building’s total energy spend by up to 25%
  • 60% improvement in occupant comfort


  • Generates savings within 3 months of installation
  • Creates up to 25% in energy savings

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