Bionutriprotección System

Gallery Bionutriprotección System 1
Gallery Bionutriprotección System 1
March 2021
Headquarters Colonia Nápoles, 03810 Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico

Bionutriprotección System - Using biotechnology to meet the nutrition and protection needs of crops in the critical stages of development

Global demand for food production is ever increasing, but common pesticides can cause unintended environmental impacts. The Bionutriprotección System Solution provides an alternative to pesticides by using biological, botanical and organic products to contribute to the gradual recovery of soil health and provide nutrition to crops. The Solution is used in the stages of crop development of greatest importance to promote and stimulate natural defences of plants. The Bionutriprotección System Solution can help in dealing with climatic effects which could stress crops, and can offer protection against pests and diseases that could affect the yield and quality of the harvest. The Solution has three key characteristics: easy application, economically affordable for farmers, and non-harmful for the surrounding natural environment.

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Key features

  • 530,000 litres of rainwater per year are collected, treated and used in the production process
  • 60% of electrical energy consumption in production comes from renewable sources
  • 35% lower carbon emissions than mainstream option over whole lifetime


  • Can increase the yield of the crops by between 15 and 50%
  • Farmers can reduce production costs by as much as 20-40% compared to mainstream option

Activity Region

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North america


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