Gallery bioloo 1
Gallery bioloo 1
August 2020
Headquarters Hyderabad, Telangana 500004, India

bioloo - An easy-to-install toilet structure with a bio-digester tank with bacterial inoculum to treat faecal waste onsite

Banka BioLoo provides environmentally-friendly and sustainable solutions for sanitation in rural, urban and peri-urban areas.

Bioloos treat human waste using bacterial culture, which eliminates the need for excreta disposal, transport and treatment. The system obviates the need for external sewage infrastructure. This solution addresses the need for basic, easy-to-install and hygienic human waste disposal mechanism in areas with no infrastructural facilities, such as sewage treatment plants. In addition, it tackles the lack of cheap and easy-to-operate alternatives to traditional waste disposal systems. The bioloo reduces pathogens by 99% and reduces organic matter by 90%. For a family of 4, the bioloo recycles up to 100 litres of water, and treats 1 kg of faecal waste per day. The bioloo saves the user family/entity up to INR 2,500 (34 USD) per year as the evacuation of faecal matter is not required, and up to INR 5,000 (67USD) in operations and maintenance cost.

Key features

  • Minimum lifespan of 20 years
  • Treats faecal waste at source - no energy required during operation or treatment
  • Effluent water is safe and suitable for gardening and agriculture
  • For a family of 4, the bioloo recycles 100 liters water and treats 1 kg of faecal waste per day.
  • Reduces pathogens by 99% and reduces organic matter by 90%


  • Saves up to INR 7,500 (100 USD) per year for a household of 4 people

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