Bioenergy from Arundo Donax Biomass

Gallery Bioenergy from Arundo Donax Biomass 1
Gallery Bioenergy from Arundo Donax Biomass 1
October 2019
Headquarters Jin Fei Industrial Zone, Mauritius

Bioenergy from Arundo Donax Biomass - A viable sustainable bioenergy solution to produce "base-load" electricity and biofuels

"Bioenergy, elecrticity & Fuel Production From Around Donax Biomass" is a source of biomass (Arundo Donax) suitable for replacement of coal in Independent Power Producers and industrial boilers.

The concept addresses the way energy is produced using the agro-industry. The concept is an integrated solution for the efficient and cost-effective production of biomass used to generate electricity in emerging markets.The purpose is to reduce and sustain the cost of energy production. The process allows to avoid additional emission of CO2 into the atmosphere, in compliance with the UN Paris Agreement addressing the Climate Change problem. The solution offers the opportunity for non-energy producing countries to become self-reliant on their energy needs. The specially developed hybrid in vitro origin Arundo Donax reed ecotype plant is cultivated in order to provide a biofuel replacement for coal in existing coal-fired power stations and industrial boilers. Alternatively the arundo biomass can replace 100% of the coal when using a specially developed steam explosion purification process that eliminates all undesirable chemistry while substantially increasing the calorific value of the processed biofuel material and decreasing its ash content, thus totally avoiding the need for technically modifying or re-engineering existing traditional boiler infrastructure to accommodate it. Arundo has a high calorific value that is close to that of coal but without the negative environmental impact associated with coal burning such as emissions of NOX, SOX or furans or production of harmful coal ash that contains such elements as arsenic, lead, mercury, selenium and aluminum, barium, boron, sulfur and chlorine, all of which can be extremely toxic. Arundo ash is 100% natural containing no harmful elements that will pollute or create a health hazardous waste.

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Key features

  • Zero CO2 emitter and will reduce about 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions of the country, in part through sequestration and clean energy production
  • Arundo requires at field irrigation 50% less water than sugarcane


  • The value chain provides an overall cost saving of 30%-50%
  • The return on investment for biofuel and electricity projects is 35%-45%

Company Profile

Maturity Stage

  • Medium and large scale commercialization
  • Small scale commercialization
  • Initial market commercialization
  • Prototype testing in the real world
  • Prototype testing 1:1 in the lab

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