Azola BIO

Gallery Azola BIO 1
Gallery Azola BIO 1
October 2020
Headquarters 92270 Bois-Colombes, France

Azola BIO - A cryogenic liquefaction solution to temporarily store excess biomethane production from AD plants.

Azola BIO aims to help biomethane producers better capitalize on their investment by offering them the possibility to store biomethane flared during periods of low demand/grid congestion under liquid form, and delay/deport its injection into the network.

Azola BIO aims to tackle the following problems: -Loss of income impacting biomethane injection projects due to seasonal/recurrent low gas demand periods -Lost biomethane injected into gas distribution networks due to flared production as a response to congestion occurrences. -Lack of profitability for certain remote methanization projects that cannot be connected to a nearby network mesh. Azola developed a modular, no rotary machinery and low CAPEX solution for biomethane producers that comes with an integrated polishing, liquefaction-cryogenic storage, vaporization-reinjection, and plant control solution. The process uses an open cycle of liquid nitrogen for liquefaction, and where nitrogen is further valorised to regenerate the polishing unit's adsorption columns. The reinjection module uses a pressure build up PBU system, to vaporize and reinject the stored liquid biomethane into the grid. The whole process is automated for start-up and shutdown and could be remotely controlled and operated.

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Key features

  • Avoid the release into the atmosphere of 172 tonnes of CO2
  • Nitrogen is valorised to regenerate the polishing unit's adsorption columns


  • Save around 12% of annual production capacity
  • Losses avoided by Azola: around 260,000 Nm3/year, approximately 260 k€/year
  • A less than 4 years payback-period

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