Aventum Plasma Gasification

Gallery Aventum Plasma Gasification 1
Gallery Aventum Plasma Gasification 1
May 2021
By Aventum
Headquarters 28046 Madrid, Spain

Aventum Plasma Gasification - A clean, efficient and safe technology that causes molecular dissociation of waste to produce energy

The increase in the amount and complexity of waste is currently a major environmental and health problem throughout the planet. Plasma technology is a proven and safe technology for the treatment of any kind of waste, obtaining in the process a material and energy valorization. This technology meets the most demanding environmental standards, such as the European Union waste framework directive. The application of the Plasma Converter System in waste treatment is based on the creation of an intense field of radiant energy to achieve the molecular dissociation of solids, liquids or gases, giving rise to a gas formed basically by a mixture of H2 and CO and to inert vitrified matter where the greatest trapped is part of the inorganic matter. As there is no combustion there are almost no emissions and insignificant ash is formed. The Plasma Converter System recycles waste by converting it into raw materials: a gas called syngas - a source of energy - metals and an amorphous silicate.

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Key features

  • Can produce energy or raw chemical materials - In the case of the project of medical waste we will produce 300 kwh for the net and in the case of MSW we foreseen to produce 200 TPD of Methanol.
  • Zero emissions in accordance with European Best Available Technologies
  • Existing projects: 6 TPD with power generation from medical waste/ 1.000 TPD with Methanol production in Europe, 500 TPD of MSW with power generation in Africa and 450 TPD with power generation in South America
  • CO2 emissions are reduced by 400%, compared to incineration


  • Less than 3 years payback time than incineration
  • 20% less OPEX than incineration
  • IRR over 15% even for small plants

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