Gallery Airfibr 1
Gallery Airfibr 1
July 2020
Headquarters 75016 Paris, France

Airfibr - A reinforced natural grass solution enabling to replace synthetic turf for amateur and high performance sports pitches

AirFibr offers a natural alternative to artificial surfaces for sports pitches, offering a reliable playing surface with environmental and economic benefits.

On the large market of outdoor sport pitches, there is often no alternative to synthetic turf due to the high intensity of use of these surfaces. However, synthetic turfs often are expensive, uncomfortable, and damaging for the environment. Airfibr offers an opportunity to replace artificial pitches with natural reinforced grass. AirFibr's technology is inspired by natural soil which is stabilised and softened by the densification of lateral roots. This concept is replicated in the Airfibr technology protected by two patents. This substrate is a very fine intermixing of cork granules, silica sand and synthetic microfibers coming from recycling activities. It has numerous properties which drastically improve the resistance of natural pitches to intensive use. Airfibr helps to provide an affordable, effective and sustainable solution for sports facilities.

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Key features

  • 72% lower energy consumption in production compared to synthetic alternative
  • 81% lower photochemical ozone generation compared to synthetic alternative


  • 30% lower investment required over a 30 year period
  • 30% lower annual maintenance costs compared to synthetic alternative

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