Gallery 3D-iExtrusion® 1
Gallery 3D-iExtrusion® 1
July 2020
Headquarters 432 32 Varberg, Sweden

3D-iExtrusion® - A multi-material manufacturing process for the mass-production of 3d components

3D-iExtrusion® is a proprietary and protected production method that upgrades existing infrastructure to meet future requirements and provides completely new design opportunities. With its disruptive technology, 3D-iExtrusion® provides both material savings and improved energy properties to deliver a truly efficient production line.

The materials and components manufacturing sector faces a significant challenge: to combine increasing complexity of advanced materials and concepts, with sustainable, cost-effective production at scale. Existing solutions require multiple steps, driving up production time, resource usage and waste as well as costs. Reliefed Technologies is bridging the gap between design concepts and efficient serial 3D production, with its patented 3D-iExtrusion technology. This innovative Solution enables 3D solutions in existing materials production by upgrading conventional systems to allow for greater design freedom and an efficient way to produce next generation products, components, applications or systems. The technology is fully compatible with existing infrastructure for all extrudable materials.

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Key features

  • 10-40% savings in materials and weight than mainstream alternative
  • 20-70% lower energy consumption in production than mainstream alternative
  • 100% elimination of material waste


  • 90% investment savings compared to mainstream alternative
  • 80% reduction of production cost compared to mainstream alternative
  • 50% reduction of total production cost compared to mainstream alternative

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