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Xilinat is an internationally recognized company that solves environmental and social issues by buying agricultural wastes from farmers to transform them into a natural sweetener that benefits human health. Recently, the MIT recognized us as one of the top 35 projects that are changing Latin America.

XiliNat is a biotechnological company that employs sustainable technology to transform agricultural wastes to xylitol, a natural sugar substitute that is ideal for diabetics, is low in calories, protects teeth against cavities and tastes identically to sugar. By employing agricultural waste as a raw material we contribute to avoid pollution. Incineration of residues is a common practice in the region and it contributes with 40% of the CO2. Furthermore, we contribute to create a culture in which residues are valorized as raw materials. Our technology is similar to doing beer, we transform residues to xylitol through fermentation with zero waste streams. Finally, as we pay farmers for their residues we contribute to social equality. In Mexico 60% of farmers live in extreme poverty conditions.