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XCharge is an HPC charging solution provider on a mission to empower any business with charging service ability.

An electrified future has already been pictured and is unleashing new opportunities, as well as generating huge demand. XCharge is an innovative HPC charging equipment and integrated energy solution provider on a mission to empower any business with charging service ability. With smart hardware and XCloud-based software, XCharge is leading the new IoT charging service trend that has helped all kinds of charging point operators (CPOs) to optimize costs, improve efficiency, and maximize profit. Founded in 2015, XCharge is the first Chinese company in the industry to receive the Red Dot Design Award. To date, XCharge has enabled numerous clients to deploy over 30,000 chargers, dispensing 9 GWh power per month to over 120 EV models in Europe, China and Australia. The highest ROI and utilization rate we've witnessed are 192% and 92%, meaning that a CPO has started profiting within one year and each charging session has an average of only 4-minute intervals. Be with XCharge. Electrify our future together.

Company XCharge

Smart DC Charger C6EU

Offer Smart DC Charger C6EU

C6EU is a super fast DC charging for commercial and public charging stations. It has won Red Dot Award Winner 2016.

【 Visualized Communication 】 • 15-inch full-color HD screen displays the respective charging status for each EV plugged in • 2x150 RGB-LED lights allow users to view charging process from a distance or in a dark environment 【 Smart Power Distribution 】 • Dual power switching modules optimize the real-time output power from either plug • Smart and efficient power distribution to meet dynamic charging demand according to the number of vehicles, connection time, priority level, battery status, and other information 【 96% Power Conversion Efficiency 】 • Equipped with built-in power conversion module • Close to the physical limit and highest in the industry Low Energy Consumption vs. High Stability • Low standby power consumption at 1/3 of industry average • High stability with abnormal order rate lower than 5%

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