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wOter proposes an innovative technology in wastewater treatment and reuse. 

This technology is initially based on medical membranes generally used for human dialysis. Wastewater treatment (at the point of use) can be extended to various types of effluents from domestic use to agriculture and water reuse is adapted to very specific needs (irrigation, domestic use, washing, winemaking, etc.). wOter promotes a sustainable way of managing wastewater. It can also be used to treat and provide clean water in emergency situations (compactness, easiness to deploy, etc.). The solution is suitable for wastewater treatment as well as water surface extraction, therefore it creates virtuous ecosystems. Our technology has the benefit of providing a treated water that preserves the natural ecosystems and human health. This eco friendly solution is consequently in line with the international trend regarding sustainable strategies in water management.

Three analogies help to describe our innovative technology:

It has been designed as a "Lego": each system is modular from 120 L/h to 720 L/h and can be linked in parallel offering a global accurate approach. Like energy production using solar panel, water can be treated and reused at the point of use.

Like mobile phone compare to fix phone, it does not need infrastructure works and costs for piping.

Digital allows to manage ecosystems, farms, factories, in local virtuous circle.

Many business models are generated from reused water : irrigation, pasture, agriculture & livestock breeding...

Our R&D program was based on two main goals:

1. industrialization in order to generate a "lego" including security and easy manufacturing

2. Digital innovation to develop activity by creating deported mini factories using blockchain to certify systems and smart grid auto native allowing complete ecosystems management. Thus our geographical development is based on "local" sourcing, "local" manufacturing, creating jobs and added value under wOter licencing.

This technology and manufacturing strategy is also the base of our business development. Each point of manufacturing and each point of use becomes part of our communication and the professional network our best commercial task force : people of the profession will be the most likely to sell the technology, products and services. Aspects that make our solution different to that offered by any competitors: * Ultra-filtration (19nm) * 0 % chemical pollutant * Low energy consumption * No polluting waste (activated sludge, virus, bacteria, etc.) * Compact * Native safety management * Multi scale technology * Global ecosystem management

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