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Ghislain & Rose-Marie Auclair





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Woodlight, let's grow the light of tomorrow

Woodlight develops bioluminescent plants to address pollution and energy consumption problematics of the cities.

Woodlight was cofounded last July 2018 by an alsacian couple of biologists, Rose-Marie & Ghislain Auclair. We are both passionated by Biology and very sensitive to Ecology and its current issues. Our will and ambition is to adress actual problematics of cities which are overconsumption of energy, pollution, and lack of greenery. For that, we develop bioluminescent plants. Plants able to emit light by themselves without consuming electricity. These lamps will be 100% recyclables, depolluting: thanks to their ability to fix CO2, and beautiful. Moreover, we can potentially developp all type of bioluminescent plants, that means the design and applications are infinite. In agreed to our aim, this new source of light will bring back poetry inside the cities and rescue the link between Humans and Nature. Since the beginning (January 2016), we developed a Fab Lab in Biology, open to all entrepreneurs who want to make a POC or prototype in Biotechnology. This lab based in Strasbourg, opened officially in October 2018 and is the first one in France of this kind. Since March 2018, Rose-Marie worked in, and her work led to a proof of concept in December 2018. This POC show that our system of bioluminescence is the most powerful known today. Since then, we integrated in our team an Ingeneer in Plant Biology and work to the obtention of our fisrt prototype of bioluminescent plant. We expect it during spring 2020. In parallel to the R&D work, we also develop Woodlight itself, its network, and we obtained different funding by different ways : competitions and governemental fundings. Winner of competitions : Pépite-France 2016, Puls'Innov' 2016, Docteurs Entrepreneurs 2017, SEMIA Etudiant Entrepreneur Innovant 2019, Tango & Scan 2019, Les Odyssées des entrepreneurs 2019, Yago 2019, Bizz and Buzz 2019, Les Trophée d'OR des entreprises alsaciennes 2019  Regional and Governemental fundings : Région Grand Est, BPI-France (Bank for Innovation) Organism which support us : SEMIA (incubator of alsacian companies), Réseau Entreprendre (association of different CEO of different domains), Région Grand Est, BPI-France.

Contact : woodlight.sas@gmail.com