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Your Water & Waste Solutions Partner - W2 Africa specialises in water and wastewater treatment - creating cleaner safer water to drink and reuse.

Type Startup or self-employed
Founded 2015
Company Size 10
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Founders Brett Keyser
Headquarters Cape Town, 7140, South Africa
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W2 Africa


W2 Africa is a Cape Town-based business that designs, manufactures, and installs water and wastewater treatment plants that cater for private dwellings, developments, schools, shopping centres, wine cellars, abattoirs, dairy farms, food and beverage producers, hotels, lodges, mines and many other applications. We have an in-depth understanding of the South African and African water and wastewater sector, with a proven track record of successfully completed projects. Our diverse range of prefabricated treatment plants are designed to treat different types of water and wastewater to produce water and effluent with a specific end-use. You simply place an order and arrange for collection or delivery. Alternatively, we also offer the total value chain: project implementation, regulation, operation, maintenance and training. Our treatment plants: • Carry the “Proudly South African” label: all tanks are manufactured and assembled in our factory in Cape Town • Make use of the highest quality materials and equipment: local and international standards are applied in our manufacturing processes and only the most reliable and proven equipment is used • Are modular: process units are simply added-on as your water or wastewater volumes increase • Have a small footprint: our technology ensures a high-footprint-to-volume-treated ratio • Are easy to install: a user-friendly installation manual is supplied with each plant • Require low operator intervention: basic checks from time to time, coupled with pre-scheduled services, and a built-in alarm system, ensures smooth-running • Are remotely monitored: the control panel sends alarms conditions via sms to pre-loaded mobile numbers • Are low in electrical consumption: solar options are also available • Require little maintenance: few moving parts, built-in electrical protection • Produce excellent water and effluent quality • Promote environmentally responsible management practices: • Are regulatory compliant: design, installation and operation comply with local, national and international regulations and commissioning includes registration with government and municipal authorities. W2 Africa manufactures and installs a full range of on-site water and wastewater treatment plants so that the treated water can be re-used on site. The end-use, which ranges from irrigation, flushing of toilets, process water or drinking water, is determined by the client. Our BioSub™ Sewage Treatment Package Plant treats sewage (black and grey water). It comes in 3 models, each producing a treated effluent quality fit for your end-use: • Standard The treated effluent is fit for irrigation in environmentally non-sensitive rural areas (as per South African General Limits). • MBr The treated effluent is fit for irrigation in environmentally sensitive rural areas (as per South African Special Limits) and open spaces and private gardens in urban areas and for the flushing of toilets. • Advanced The purified water can be used to fill-up swimming pools, as cooling and boiler water, as process water, to supplement drinking water supplies, directly as potable water, or for any other desired end-use where the highest quality purified water is required. The BioSub™ comes in different sizes that range from 1 m3/day to >100 m3/day and are manufactured as underground tanks, either fibreglass (1 to 50 m3/day); or concrete (>50 m3/day); or above-ground containerised units. When there is fat, oil and grease (FOG) present in the raw sewage, for example when a commercial kitchen is on site, our MiniDaf™ FOG Removal Unit must be installed to remove the FOG from the kitchen wastewater stream before it is allowed to join the sewer network. Once the FOG is removed, the kitchen wastewater can also be treated with the BioSub™. We also have systems that treat FOG(Fat/Oil/Grease) before entering the Sewer System(MiniDAF) and Industrial Effluent.(BioTower).
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Headquarters Cape Town, 7140, South Africa

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The Sustainable Development Goals are a call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure peace and prosperity everywhere.
Clean water and sanitation
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