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ecocoach AG

Your one-stop shop for real estate or industrial complex energy production, storage, optimization and evaluation.

Ecocoach develops and markets energy management and storage solutions for real estate and industrial complexes aimed at reaching partial or full autonomy from the public electricity grid. To improve the energy efficiency ecocoach has also developed a customer tailor-made smart home solution. Energy produced by photovoltaics is clean, renewable and sustainable. It is either directly consumed by the tenants or owners of the building or stored in a battery storage system which allows an independency for 9 months of the year in a typical Central European building. In addition to that the energy produced by the photovoltaic system can also be stored in methanol. A reformed methanol fuel cell turns the methanol in electricity upon request. With those three components photovoltaic system, battery storage and methanol storage ecocoach can guarantee 7/24/365 energy supply from clean, renewable and sustainable sources. To improve energy efficiency our smart home solution allows to steer cross the board home appliances like blinds, lights, audio systems and many other individually programmable items by a single app, by tablet, PC or the classical switch. The choice how you want to increase your living comfort is yours. Security related demands can be implemented as well as the charging station of your electric car. Thanks to the interoperability of the heating system and other home appliances with the ecocoach platform, the auxiliary costs bill can be created at the push of a button, significantly reducing the work of property management companies. If you want to buy all necessary components for clean, renewable, sustainable and autonomous energy production through a single company ecocoach is your choice.


ecocoach Smart Home Energy

energy production, storage and management including a smart home solution for optimization, visualization and billing.

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Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe,

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Clean energy production, Energy distribution & management, Energy storage, Urban and inter-urban mobility, Building and shelters

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Photovoltaic, Concentrated solar power, Smart metering, Power conservation, Control devices, Collaborative electricity consumption systems, Utility network information management, Solid state batteries, Fuel cells, Private transport, All electric, Components, System integration, Building information modelling, Building automation, Smart-metering