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Cidade Jardim, Belo Horizonte - State of Minas Gerais, 30380-150, Brazil

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Guilherme Arruda





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VG Waste

We accelerate the sustainable development by matching waste generators to waste suppliers and buyers. We encourage environmentally friendly disposals and optimize waste management.

We match waste generators to waste suppliers and buyers considering four main criteria. First, only allow suppliers and buyers that are compliant with the best environmentally friendly practices. We audit our suppliers to guarantee that. Then, we choose the closest suppliers and buyers because transporting waste is expensive. Third, we compare lower costs or higher prices to dispose or sell waste. And last but not least we consider the suppliers rating. After each match we ask both parties to rate themselves, so we know who offer the best services. Therefore, combining all this criteria we offer to the waste generator the best solution for their waste. Differently from other platforms in the market that they offer everything and the waste generator needs to choose the best solution. Also we help waste generators win the day-to-day business by generating documents that are necessary in the process. We generate reports and KPIs and optimize the waste management process. For example, when a specific waste that is being stored get's close to the facilities capacity we automatically call an approved supplier to pick it up.

Company VG Waste