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Aurelius Environmental

Our aim: to revolutionise recycling. Our vision: a web of industry where one stream's waste is another stream's in-feed

...bridging linear and wasteful processes to create a circular, energy-efficient, non-polluting, zero-waste future for all. 

Funded by Horizon 2020 and Innovate UK, we are circular economy experts working primarily with spent batteries. Our flagship technology is a green process for the recycling of lead battery paste. 

The global lead-acid battery market is forecast to reach $84 billion USD by 2025. More batteries on the road means an ever-increasing amount of battery waste. Our core technology is revolutionising the recycling of these batteries by making the industry cleaner, more energy efficient, less wasteful and more profitable. 

Compared to the incumbents, we reduce the carbon footprint by 80-89% and we cut landfill (slag) by more than 90%. We eliminate all noxious gases, including sulphur dioxide, at no added cost. We save energy – at least 7,000 mWh per 10,000 tonnes of throughput. And recycled batteries produced from our process are improved, compared to current lead-acid batteries, by a factor of 30% (in terms of the energy density of the battery, as seen in early electrochemical testing). 

In terms of the economics, we can save around $500,000 USD per 10,000 tonnes of throughput. We are also 1/7th the capital expenditure cost of pyrometallurgical processes. 

As a start-up company we are different. In our first year, despite start-up costs we made a profit of more than 100,000 Euro. In year 3 our turnover is forecast to exceed 10 million Euro. We are building pilot plants in Brazil and the UK, and we have entered into advanced partnership discussions with companies in Asia, Africa and the EU.

Company Aurelius Environmental