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Deusto Foundation - DeustoTech

Excellence, technology & ethics for the sustainable development of the society & business in a long term partnership

DeustoTech is a private non-profit organization that, since 2005, encompasses the research activity carried out by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Deusto. DeustoTech conducts basic and applied research for the development of novel ICTs applications. More than 500 R&D projects have been carried out with the aim of achieving excellence in reserach and become a strategic partner for those companiees willing to increase their competititveness. DeustoTech is organized in four units dedicated to Energy & Environment, Societal Challenges, Industry and Mobility and a Chair in Applied Mathematics. The Energy & Environment Unit was born in 2008 with the objective of supporting the companies involved in this sector. This Unit and its team, made of by Chemical, Industrial, Environmental, Computer Engineers, Mathematicians, etc. contribute to develop more efficient and sustainable processes, novel technologies and methods for sustainable urban planning and operation in the fields of prompt alarm systems, advanced monitoring systems, agent-based modelling, optimal operation and control of complex supply networks, decision support tools, etc. Special attention is paid to the development of holistic methodologies that assess the whole life cycle of waste, water, energy, food, etc. and allow a smooth transition to circular economies.

Company Deusto Foundation - DeustoTech