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UV LED Water treatment - The ideal innovative technology at the point of use

T-zic is a French company designing, manufacturing and commercializing under the name “uvoji”, an innovative brand of UV LED products dedicated to the treatment and purification of water directly at the point of use,i.e under the sink. Our products are designed, developed and manufactured in France. The uvoji product range was born from a reflection on the urgent need for "tap water" treatment. Because it is important to secure water at the time of its consumption in order to : • Avoid bacteriological contamination, • Avoid the spread of epidemics, • Address the frequent problems of contamination of the drinking water of the network, • To fight against the development of a 6th continent by limiting the use of plastic bottles and their impact on the environment, T.zic now offers the market effective solutions that meet these needs. Our technology based on ultraviolet radiation emitted by UV-C LEDs removes 99.999% of bacteria, viruses, parasites, spores and protozoa (such as E. coli, enterococci, legionella, cryptosporidioses...) present in the water.   Our expertise in the global water treatment chain has enabled us to extend our range with systems that integrate filtration and act on tastes, odours, limestone and suspended organic matter. Our products are perfectly adapted to use under the sink, they are easy to install and start working as soon as the tap is opened and therefore the water flows through. On-demand and instant water treatment is made possible by the use of UV LED technology and its ability to turn on and off at will and instantly. As we used to say to our customers : "Don't worry about the quality of your tap water anymore and leave the plastic bottles behind, uvoji takes care of the rest!" Whether you want to eliminate bacteria, viruses or any other form of pathogens, but also taste or odour, Oji Safe and Oji Pure products will meet your expectations.


Oji Safe

Offer Oji Safe

Oji Safe, the uvoji system disinfects water by removing pathogens instantly and on demand, using UV LED technology.

Small and powerful As simple to use as lethalfor bacteria and viruses.

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