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China, 100192

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Tsinghua University, Suzhou City and Suzhou New District





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Research Institute for Environmental Innovation (Suzhou), Tsinghua (RIET)

Devoted to putting innovative environmental research into practice by means of pilot scale research and company incubation.

The Research Institute for Environmental Innovation (Suzhou), Tsinghua (in short RIET) is a subsidiary institution of Tsinghua University, a top university in China and worldwide. The problem: Every year, our demand for energy and resources rises, while pollutant emissions relentlessly increase, thus threatening our planet’s ecosystems as well as human health. Furthermore, industrial emissions cause some of the most dangerous (e.g. toxic, carcinogenic, endocrine disrupting, persistent) pollutants. Hence, solutions addressing industry directly are greatly needed. What we do: We are specialized in developing and promoting cost-efficient, innovative technological solutions to reduce industrial emissions, close loops, and save resources. Since implementation largely depends on the policy framework, we are also involved as a think tank in strategic and regulatory work. Our mission is to promote innovation globally in the environmental field, and for this purpose we set up five R & D centers, over 20 specialized research groups, pursue technology transfer as an incubator, and conduct environmental strategic exchange. We welcome international research groups and start-ups to work with us, scaling up ideas and/ or promoting them in China, as well as offering substantive funding opportunities.

Company Research Institute for Environmental Innovation (Suzhou), Tsinghua (RIET)