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Mont-Saint-Hilaire, QC J3H 2Y3, Canada

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Pierre A. Bossé




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TransTechnika M. I. Inc.

The TransTechnika M. I. Inc. team has developed a patented technology to convert agroforestry residues into agricultural hydrogel and solid and liquid biofuels. The hydrogel enables the reduction of irrigation water requirements for agricultural production in arid zones. In addition, the hydrogel allows the release of micronutrients necessary for the growth of plants in soils degraded by drought. In addition, the technology makes it possible to produce solid and liquid biofuels with a high energy content.

TransTechnika M. I. Inc. is a Canadian company involved in the development of biotechnologies and bioproduct made from agroforestry residual biomass transformation. TransTechnika developed the “ExPresso” hydrothermal biorefinery technology that is using only water as a solvent for the pretreatment of the biomass. We succeed to transform up to 90% the residual agroforestry biomass into a value-added product with the ExPresso biorefinery. The main product is the hydrogel for agriculture that is completely biodegradable. The hydrogel aims to reduce the water supply for agriculture in an arid agricultural zone and slowly release micronutrients for the plant. The by-product is a solid biofuel for heavy industry with a higher energy content than the domestic wood pellet.