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Prof. Dr. Mike Kazuo. Yoshida





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TPEOM Environmental Conservation Resurrection Organization, NPO, NGO. Tpeom offers the scientific physics technology solution for Environmental Conservation & Resurrection of a naturally pure, clean planet Earth by or before the year 2045

 Will you contact tpeom after reading this to enact this solution together. The final solution for green, unlimited, self sustainable electrical energy technology as tself renewable energy! This can, is to be as here written Yours, if you will accept it and make do with it. The Pyran Environmental Organization Malaysia.



http://www.tgmncsb.com donate@tpeom.org +6017-292-4072

For TPEOM Registration approval the Malaysian government departments of ROS, KDN & SSM required seven (7) members as the originating members of the Board of Directors of TPEOM. The TPEOM `Constitution` Is In Accordance With Its Motto, Its Objective, Its Vision, its Mission And Its Manifest Destiny Focused As The Energy Cell, The QC5, The Five New Atomic Elements And The Fully Configured Converter Of The EMC ~ MEC That Opens The Tangible Path Into The Global Environmental Recovery, Regeneration And The Saving Of Planet Earth Inclusively Of All Species Of Life Living Upon Planet Earth!!!. The Pyran Environmental Organization Malaysia (TPEOM, NPO, NGO. Did unconditionally with no {conveniences}, Honorably make the final acceptance of its Manifest Destiny to save planet Earth. To date TPEOM is actively involved in making contacts locally and globally with universities, governments, government agencies and other environmental organizations and scientific communities as shown at the bottom of this page as links. And references as placed also. However the prime question is: Being that it is within your personal power and your personal decision that you undoubtedly have with you, would you make a moment to save planet Earth?

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The energy cell

Offer The energy cell

The energy cells are set at 13.3334 Amps of DC at 120 VDC = 1600.008 Watts power output / 1.600008 Kwh.

The energy cells are set at 13.3334 Amps of DC at 120 VDC = 1600.008 Watts power output / 1.600008 Kwh. Then from The Energy Cell into a Bravo DC / AC converter that allows for an operational capacity output from the system of the DC energy cell and the DC/AC converter of 120 Volts AC and 13 Amps of Electrical EMF of continuous AC power to operate your home or anything else for you. The shipped cost of the unit is USD $300.00 & $425.00


Environmental Converter MEC ~.EMC

Offer Environmental Converter MEC ~.EMC

Matter to Energy Conversion/Energy to Matter Conversion. Total rubbish dissipation as actually gone from planet Earth!

Let us say have a Environmental converter at hand. I load it to full with rubbish & close it. Then I invoke the holographic menu screen of the MEC and bring forth the index menu listing items or actions to choose from. Matter to Energy Conversion/Energy to Matter Conversion. From that I select the action of disposal. With that selection showing in the index selection portion of the EMC ~ MEC holographic screen, I then touch the dissipate selection and it is then loaded into the QCV5 holographic selection display panel for MEC conversion and the solid object rubbish within the conversion chamber is dissipated into energy and dispersed. One nanosecond action and it is dispersed from the conversion chamber. This action can be applied to anything of need of any quantity.