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Construction is about to experience the biggest standalone efficiency gain since the invention of the circular saw.

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Earth's current International Residential Building Code represents a century of make-shift, stop-gap compromises between existing material technologies, incumbent industry lobbying and the commitment to increased building safety. Hidden between the words of this book, deep beneath the surface there has been a silent, progressive revolution taking place, a craftsman's manifesto, penned by the global building science community and representative of the collective efforts of thousands of unsung industry heroes- architects, engineers, contractors, codes officials, city, state and federal governments and more. With a reverse-engineering mentality and a decidedly hyper-literal approach to the IRC, we discovered that hidden message, that masterful manifesto- a secret formula brilliantly interwoven between the seemingly mindless minutia of a million Do's and Don'ts: The verbal blueprints for the perfect building envelope, and the unique order of process to assemble it. Houses can now affordably be built to last hundreds of years, able to withstand disasters, fire, and climate change. 85% of all waste and inefficiency can now been driven from the process, taking only weeks to build instead of months. Naturally airtight, soundproof, and near-zero-energy... they even produce their own water supply. Dozens of universities all around the globe working in conjunction with governments, energy providers, and countless members of the building science community have been desperately searching for this formula for as long as the IRC has been in existence, an effort which represents the cumulative thrust of trillions of dollars over time. In 2019, the Process Revolution our forefathers "built" into the code book finally begins as we shine a light on this secret formula and bring together heads of industry, government, and global activism to replace the outdated minimum standard of construction and #stopthemadness, #stopthewaste.
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Headquarters Nashville, TN 37214, USA

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