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Tamturbo was started in 2010 around the founding idea that the world needs a more environmentally friendly alternative to producing compressed air – we cannot continue wasting our most valuable resources, energy and environment. Our Unique technological advances combined with ingenious engineering work has brought to life a range of compressors that far surpasses the legacy technologies both in performance and in significantly lower life cycle cost. Our Touch-Free™ technology enables reliable and fully Oil-Free design and eliminates risks of compressed air contamination. In the end, we provide exactly what is needed – Just Air.

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Founders Kimmo Laine, Jaakko Säiläkivi
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Compressed air production is an integral part of most industrial manufacturing processes. 10% of global industrial electricity and 5% of total world electricity is used to produce compressed air. The growth of industrial automation has increased compressed air use by 5% to 7% annually. Compressed air is used in virtually every industrial plant, powering up machines, tools and processes and moving materials in different ways. It is often considered to be the fourth utility and as important as electricity, water and heat. It is a utility that companies are responsible for producing themselves. Currently, the vast majority of industrial compressed air is produced by using oil-lubricated air compressors. However, air purity is both critical and imperative in industries such as food, beverages, electronics, pharma, chemical, textile, pulp and paper, automotive, etc. This drives an increase in the market share of oil-free compressors at the expense of oil-lubricated compressors. The share of oil-free compressed air is expected to increase to 50% of all compressed air in the coming years. Most oil-free compressed air is produced using “oil-free” screw technology, which is very inefficient (using excess energy) and results in very high maintenance costs. A notable drawback of “oil-free” screw technology is that it is not really oil-free, the Teflon-coated screw elements wear quite rapidly in use. This results in a deterioration of the system efficiency and results in screw elements being replaced typically every 4 to 7 years, costing > 50% of the package price of the new “oil-free” screw compressors and resulting in material waste. Tamturbo’s unique technology combined with ingenious engineering has created a range of compressors that are highly competitive against legacy technologies in terms of both performance and Total Cost of Ownership. Tamturbo’s technology enables reliable and 100% oil-free compressed air production, eliminates the risk of compressed air contamination due to the compressor itself and saves substantial amounts of electricity (up to 4 GWh during lifecycle). Our technology and customer benefits have been validated by global customers and distributors. The first compressors have been in 24/7 use since February 2016. Tamturbo® technology produces ecologically and economically the market's most sustainable oil-free compressed air. Touch-Free. Oil-Free. Care-Free.
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Tamturbo's Touch-Free™ Technology saves on average 9-12% of compressed air electricity, which on average is 10% of industrial manufacturers' electricity consumption. This is due to the technological advancements, utilization of highly efficient high-speed electric motors, active magnetic bearings and efficient turbo units. Due to the magnetic levitation of the rotor, there is no touch between moving components, which results in higher efficiency and practically no need for maintenance. Consequently, the produced compressed air is naturally oil-free and has a better controllability, which in turn reduces electricity consumption. Through industry-leading energy recovery up to 93% of consumed energy is recovered into hot water, which can be up to 85C and therefore easily used by the other production processes. Tamturbo range of industrial compressors results in immediate savings in electricity and maintenance and consequential savings in downstream equipment and production stability. The main benefits of the Tamturbo compressors for industrial customers are: -100% oil-free air – not a single drop of oil in the compressor. 0 risk of oil contamination or end products. -Typically over 10% savings in electricity consumption over the cycle of the “oil-free” compressors screw elements. -Virtually no service or maintenance for the compressors. -Same efficiency throughout the lifetime of the unit. -VSD centrifugal compressor – combining the efficiency of centrifugal compressors with variable air flow with linear efficiency. Very fast response to flow fluctuations. -Up to 93% energy recovery, water cooling as standard. Liquid cooling outlet temperature up to 85C. -Up to 10 years extended warranty possibility – including all consumables, spare parts, service and maintenance at a fixed annual price. -Fully remote monitored and optimized unit usage. Advanced reporting and analysis capabilities. -Proven technology (high-speed electric motors, Active Magnetic Bearings used for decades in demanding applications globally). -Very low idle/unload power consumption, around 7% of nominal power. The technology is already verified with dozens of industrial customers in different regions. Satisfied reference customers include some of the world's largest Food and Beverage, Coffee, Paper, Electronics manufacturers in Asia, Europe and Americas.

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