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A market leading provider of waterproofing, roofing and insulation systems with a committed focus on sustainable develop

Since 20 years, SOPREMA GROUP initiated an approach to evaluate and minimize the impact of their products and activity on the environment and human beings during the lifespan of a building (from manufacturing to construction, operation and demolition). SOPREMA’s R&D policy is strongly oriented towards sustainable development. Therefore, materials are reused and renewed to avoid the use of new resources in the manufacturing process.

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This membrane mitigates heat urban island effect and reduces summer discomfort thanks to advanced surface radiative properties.

SopraStar is a covering for flat roofs that limits the absorption of solar energy and which reduces both urban heat islands and summer discomfort in buildings . The surfaces of the building’s envelope (roofs and facades) can contribute to urban cooling.
Solution Label November 2018 Solution

Energy efficient building airtightness system

Steel frame low-energy buildings constructive system, where the achieved airtightness quality level is at least equivalent of a concrete building.
Solution Label February 2019 Solution

100 % biobased insulation material

Targeting European single or multiple-storey residential, Pavaroof, Univercell, Pavaflex Confort, Pavawall and Isolair are five solutions based on the Pavatex bio-material to insulate buildings.
Solution Label March 2019 Solution

Process to recycle PET into polyols

SOPRALOOP combines mechanical and chemical recycling at an industrial level to recycle post-consumer complex PET plastic wastes into recycled polyols.
Solution Label April 2019 Solution

Photovoltaic waterproofing process

SOPRASOLAR FIX EVO is a photovoltaic waterproofing process that does not require drilling or ballasting, used to convert roof surfaces into renewable electricity generating plants.
Solution Label May 2019 Solution

Cold energy storage technology

Cool Green Energy Factory is a cold energy storage (CES) system that uses a redesigned multi-use fire water tank to cover the energy needs of industrial cooling processes in factories.
Solution Label May 2019 Solution