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Solar Cloth System

We manufacture a cutting edge product combining solar thin films and textile. Applications and deployments: agriculture (middle and high tech greenhouses), stratospheric balloons and airship, flexible PV sun screem for flexible water tanks (powering pumps) for humanitarian and military applications, yachting.

Our mission statement is to provide clean energy everywhere, for everyone. Our objective is to contribute to the transition in the energy mix at the local level. We strive to develop self-sufficient and autonomous clean energy units. Our team has developed unprecedented technological expertise in vacuum-sealed thin film integration, using ecological, no-solvent thermo-fusion processes to create lightweight, highly resistant, ‘non-deformable’ racing sails. This exclusive knowhow lets us integrate layers of very thin (25 to 65 microns) films within laminated or woven textiles. These photovoltaic films, reinforced by technological fibers, are fully flexible, and furlable A new solar fabric is born, providing a lasting energy source which contributes to energy self-sufficiency in various sectors of activity. Our core values stand at the crossroads of high tech and renewable energy, and our team seeks new applications and innovations which are coherent with our knowhow, green energy and preservation of the environment.