The Skillicorn Technologies circular economy system effects solar-leveraged recycling of all water & volatile wastes.

Type Startup or self-employed
Founded 2018
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Founders Paul W Skillicorn
Headquarters Austin, TX 78701, USA
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Skillicorn Technologies LLC (Austin, Texas) and Skillicorn Technologies Ltd. (London) serve to maximize deployment of The Skillicorn Technologies System (STL System) globally. The STL System effects a circular economy built around highly efficient recovery of all nutrients, energy and water inherent in circumstantial volatile wastes and their leveraged (photosynthetic and ambient heat) monetization. Overlaying this system, and integral to it, is highly efficient use of solar PV, solar thermal, wind, in-line hydraulic kinetic energy capture and energy storage: to produce the lowest cost firm, on-demand 100% renewable power in any defined circumstance. The STL System also works to absolutely limit evaporative water losses in every circumstance it engages: agricultural, storage, canal, riverine, urban municipal and rural. The STL system achieves the most efficient production of plant proteins, plant starches and plant-based minerals and vitamins. The STL System achieves the most efficient production of fresh, organic vegetables, herbs, salad makings, vine fruit and cannabis. The STL System achieves the most efficient production of bio-plastics and plant-based materials. The STL System achieves the most efficient production of meat-based proteins and lipids. The STL System achieves the most efficient production of white fish and prawns. The STL System allows treatment and recycling as potable, all municipal and mixed municipal-industrial wastewaters, as well as most industrial and mining wastewaters. It does so while generating a significant net profit on investment and operations absent any requirement for fees, tariffs or subsidies. The STL System allows treatment and desalination-to-potable of brackish waters drawn from aquifers or agricultural runoff. It does so while generating a significant net profit on capital and operations absent any requirement for fees, tariffs or subsidies. Central to the STL System is efficient breakdown and lysis of all volatile solids inputs and their subsequent phased-sequenced anaerobic digestion in a manner which allows efficient, parsed deployment of all inherent water, minerals, nutrients and energy. Nothing is thrown away or lost to the environment. A key system feature is intensive farming of plants of the Lemnaceae (sic: Lemnoideae popularly known as “duckweeds”) family within circumstances that: absolutely minimize evaporative losses of water; maintain temperatures within a favorable spectrum; allow CO2-enhancement of plant growth media (both air and water) and enable precise management of plant nutrition and photon irradiance. A key feature of the STL System is use of abundant non-recyclable dirty and irregular plastic wastes, including thin film plastics, to produce highly robust molded, foamed paneling that can be employed structurally and as a floating platform for mounting PV panels, completely covering exposed water and thus preventing all evaporative losses.
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Headquarters Austin, TX 78701, USA

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