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Siqens GmbH

Siqens replaces diesel/gasoline generators with the 100% emission-free, 70% cheaper ECOPORT fuel cell battery charger.

The world needs off-grid power. There are still 1.3 bn people in the world without access to electricity. Most off-grid power for critical infrastructure comes from diesel or gasoline generators.
Siqens is replacing off-grid diesel/gasoline generators with a patented methanol-fueled battery charger that eliminates noise, emissions, and 70% fuel cost. We also make commercial EVs independent from charging infrastructure with the global #1 future fuel

Company Siqens GmbH

Ecoport 800 Methanol Fuel Cell

Offer Ecoport 800 Methanol Fuel Cell

The Ecoport 800 is a plug and play battery charger based on patented methanol fuel cell technology. 

The Ecoport 800charges batteries by transforming Methanol to Hydrogen to Electricity by recycling all energy and media flows (heat, fuel, water, and catalyst electrolyte). It has the highest efficiency,robustness and lowest cost per kW in the industry. Specifications The Ecoport 800 is the best energy solution for off-grid applications in the lower kW range. Silent, low-maintenance, environmentally-friendly. The Siqens Ecoport 800 fuel cell runs on inexpensive and globally available IMPCA standard or bio-methanol. Local chemical warehouse serve as a supply source. You can also order the Methanol in ADR certified fuel cell cartridges from Siqens anytime. It is a CE certified commercial product. Benefits: • Plug-and-play integration in every off-grid or backup energy system • Compatible to charge all battery types • Up to 70% lower fuel cost than diesel or gasoline generators • 99% lower emissions, 90% lower noise • Compatible with worldwide available IMPCA-Standard methanol • Fuel consumption 0,6 l/kwh only • World leading 40% electrical efficiency • Unmatched temperature range and cold start capability -20 to +50 °C • Lowest standby energy consumption • 10x Energy density of lithium batteries • 30x more kWh/kg than hydrogen cylinders

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Northern Europe, Southern Europe, Western Europe, South Africa, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, China, India, Singapore, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Czechia,