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Kindergarten, school, vocational and adult education. We educate pioneers and doers for the future.

Type Non-profit project
Founded 2021
Company Size 2
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Founders Urs Beck and Susanne Hustert
Headquarters 9100 Herisau, Switzerland
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VISION "Imagine a world, a world where people use their skills and talents to implement ideas and visions that positively impact the lives of all." PROGRAM 1. Education of the future with kindergarten, school and vocational training 2. Adult education with SinnAtelierSNAP, WORX and BOOST 1. EDUCATION OF THE FUTURE- WE EDUCATE THE SOUND OF NATURE, SCIENCES AND PERCEPTION BASED ON COMPASSION Our master plan is based on the laws of nature, the ancient, wise knowledge and the sciences of nature and neuroscience. It is based on regenerative, circular economy and eco-economic principles in all areas and levels. It is based on the principles of altruism. It is based on the basic questions: What are valuable actions? What are wholesome actions? Does an action promote the development of life or does it hinder it. It is based on the fundamental view that all people belong to the human family. It forms creativity, cooperation and holocratic ways of working and living. It educates young people individually according to their natural development processes, based on individual talents and potential. FRAME OF OUR EDUCATION OF THE FUTURE See the attached file "SA-BdZ-Masterplan-EN" SUMMARY Successful educational processes depend on the individual prerequisites and interests of the child and on the natural stimulation and support that the child receives. Entering our Education of the Future program, children differ in terms of their talents, potential, knowledge, skills, dispositions, attitudes and behaviour, as well as their individual educational and linguistic levels. Based on this heterogeneity, the entire educational programme is designed to stimulate and support all children based on their individual potentials and talents as well as their individual needs. At the same time, we offer all the important domains of education which are utmost valuable for the future of life. Only in this setup can an individually just education take place, which takes all aspects of a child into consideration. This enables the best possible preparation for adult life with all its facets, the creation of new visions for the human family and a regenerative life that steadily increases the quality of life. 2. ADULT EDUCATION SNAP SinnAtelierSNAP'S are short educational sessions. These last for 45 minutes, are lively, focused and animating. The aim is to arouse curiosity, generate insights, open doors, move people in the heart, the brain and the hara for a regenerative life with all its facets. WORX Thanks to the unique programme of the SinnAtelierWORX, which is based on the sound of nature, science and perception, one will develop the pioneering spirit and doer in oneself, applying one's capacities for the shaping of tomorrow's life. In the SinnAtelierWORX one develops one's talents and abilities, which are then linked to ideas and visions. One can implement the resulting action plan right away: at home, in education or at work in a start-up, sound company or organisation. The SinnAtelierWORX is the first step towards becoming an expert in creative and regenerative project development and resource-efficient consumption and living: with sharp eyes and ears for the needs of people and nature. In this way, one will become a valuable pioneer and doer for the future, wherever one will use one's talents and abilities for the benefit of all life. Duration: 6 full days, including 40 lessons, practical application and the development of an action plan. BOOST Following on from the SinnAtelierWORX, we offer SinnAtelierBOOST, an individual support for the implementation of the action plan. SinnAtelierBOOST is the practical phase to realise one's vision. Thereby one strengthens one's education from the SinnAtelierWORX, at the same time gaining first practical experiences in the implementation of creative and regenerative projects. Depending on the needs, we draw on resources from our network, which gives an additional, subject-specific boost. The SinnAtelierBOOST is based on the individual programme, which includes the needs and all aspects of the project. This enables to implement projects efficiently and to grow as a pioneer and doer. Duration: up to three years And with our education programme, our vision has been achieved. THE ORGANISATION The SinnAtelier is an association based in Switzerland. Our goal is to enable people to live and work in a regenerative way, to constantly increase the quality of life, to use technologies for the development of life and to ensure its continuation, on earth as well as in the vastness of space.
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Headquarters 9100 Herisau, Switzerland

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